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because Roy is incredibly underappreciated and needs a little love.

  • day one- favorite emotion
  • day two- favorite funny moment
  • day three- one relationship
  • day four- favorite quote(s)
  • day five- favorite episode
  • day six- favorite scene
  • day seven- anything you want!

it will start on Monday, September 22 but if you’re a few days or weeks late then it’s not a big deal!

the tag will be #royaw but don’t forget to include it in the first 5 tags so it will appear in the tag. also for edits/gifsets/graphics/etc, you can tag the normal #arrowedit.

you can make edits, graphics, gifsets, videos, etc, just celebrate the wonderful human being that Roy is. if you have any questions, then feel free to message me! 

also don’t forget to reblog to spread the word to fellow archers!

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This was photo #3 cause I made Dyl switch me sides while they laughed at my ridiculousness. Emmy wknd fun [X]

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Arrow cast + ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

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Colton Haynes out and about in Vancouver - August 16th.

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Get to know me[10/10] Favorite Shows Arrow (2012-)

"Apparently he wants to mend some fences, but thanks to him I can’t afford a fence, so I can only assume he has some other agenda." 

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Roy: If I want to be with you, do I keep that or give it back? You were a little unclear.

Thea: You mean it?

Roy: No more fighting.If it’s a choice between life with you or life without you, life with you will win every single time. I’m done trying to be a hero.

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Tyler Posey and Colton Haynes being adorable as shit at the 2014 Teen Choice Awards.

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